You have a customer that has purchased one or more items on Layaway, and has come in to make a payment on these items. Regardless of whether it is on one invoice or multiple invoices, one of the easiest ways to take a payment would be to take the payment using an R type(Received on Account)invoice.

Quick Cash or Quick Sale Screen

- Press Take payment on layaway button in Quick Cash, if the touch screen has that button.

- This pops open the New Invoice screen.

New Sale Screen

If you are not using Quick Cash or Quick Sale, then in the menu select Point Of Sale and select New Sale. Either method should now bring you to the New Invoice screen.

- On this screen set the clerk name, set R type invoice, set customer name and click ok. if ok is greyed out, customer is not an account customer, and must be in order to apply an R type invoice to the account.

- click outstanding invoice tab.

- Click show work orders.

- click rightmost column on the invoice line (Pay Column) and enter the amount that the customer is paying.

- Click on the tender tab.

- Enter the amount being paid on the line corresponding to the tender type being used

- hit Esc key on your keyboard or Finish Sale to finalize invoice and print the receipt.