The routine in the toolbox is capable of merging 2 inventory items at a time. Below is the suggested procedure.

1. It is advisable to do a backup with your Live Data before running this routine or you can use your training data to test it first.

2. Go to Setup Tools → Utilities → Toolbox

3. A red pop up window will appear about “Warning - No Backup Detected”, if you are using your training data you can click “OK” button

4. For warning message select “Yes” to proceed

5. Go to Grouped tab→Inventory Routines→Maintenance→Merge Inventory as shown below.

6. Take note of the information provided that inventory item to be merge should be similar e.g labour part merged into another labour part, and also there are things needed to deal manually e.g Selling Comments, Purchasing comments, lows and highs, modifiers

7. Select “From Part:” by click the box beside the field to select the inventory item

8. Select “To Part:“ by clicking the box beside the field to select

9. Once done, click Merge Inventory button

10. Confirm the merging by clicking “Yes” button

11. Wait for a few seconds when it’s done you will see “From and to “ inventory done at the bottom

12. Click Exit to close

13. For this example, the old part number e.g PS04-10A this can be deleted already since all transactions, stocks were transferred to PROS12

NOTE: System Five is not capable to merge multiple part numbers, its only 2 at a time.