Edit Sale

  • EDIT SALE- used when applying a payment on a specific invoice (A TYPE): Edit desired invoice> Tender Tab> Apply the payment

Payment on Account

  • PAYMENT ON ACCOUNT - used when paying multiple outstanding invoices for a customer:

  • Click on new payment and select the customer that receiving the payment.

PAY INVOICE – will pay the invoice highlighted

PAY ALL – will pay all the outstanding invoices

PAY UP TO - will pay invoices until the amount entered is used up

Type in the total amount of the Payment and click the [OK] button to continue. System Five populates the Payment Column for the Oldest Invoice first, working forward by date through the invoices listed, until the Amount Entered is used up. This feature is very handy when a Customer mails in or drops off a check for a dollar amount that doesn't match the value of any single or combination of outstanding invoices.

  • APPLY button will lead to the tender window that will show the total due.

  • Double Click on the desired tender type to pay the amount due. Hit APPLY button again to complete the payment.

Received on Account

  • RECEIVE ON ACCOUNT - Received on Account invoices are used to take payments and deposits on account from your customers. The payment can be taken in any amount even if it exceeds the customer's account balance. Payments taken in on R.O.A. invoices must be applied against specific customer invoices. The R type invoices are provided as an alternate method of taking money from a customer in the event that the clerk on duty does not have the security privileges to use the Payment On Account module in System Five. The clerk can still take the payment and issue a receipt to the customer.

  • Balance Due column- the sum of all the outstanding invoices
  • Amount Paid column- the amount received from the customer
  • Early Payment Discount- discount given to customer if they pay early which is defined in the Setup Wizard.
  • Tendering the amount paid will complete the invoice.

  • This invoice will show as a credit in the customer record and is not yet applied to a specific invoice. It will come up as a red line in the Payment on Account window, which means that it is a credit that can be applied to outstanding invoices.