Slip Printing 2 Copies from Touch Screen Button


This wiki is a workaround for customers that want to have the option to print two copies of a receipt, but don't want to be asked every time to print the second copy, or get a pop up asking how many copies every time.

Also, this Wiki assumes that you have a basic knowledge of how the touch screen designer works.
It is highly recommended that you run through this process at least once in your training data set.


For most business applications, printing a single slip receipt is all that is needed at the Point Of Sale terminal. But there may be times when you need the ability of printing a second slip receipt at the time of the purchase. Normally, this would be done by modifying the invoice tree to prompt for the second invoice. But this may not be a very graceful solution for a POS terminal that is very busy, or a touch screen that will require the user to touch several pop up prompts at the end of every sale.  


A very simple solution to the problem, is to attach a button to your quick cash tender screen that will allow you to either finish the sale normally (printing a single receipt and then exiting the invoice), or to press another button to print two slips before finishing the sale. This can be easily done in the touch screen designer. Open the setup wizard, click on Point Of Sale Devices, then on Touch Screen Support. Now click on Edit Global Layout, which will open the touch screen designer. 

On the Layout dropdown, select wwquickcashtender. 


Your tender screen may look different than this one, but the rest of the process will be the same for everyone. 


To begin creating the new key click on New, and then position the key on the grid.
I named my key “PRINT 2 COPIES” and set the width to 2 and the height to 1.
You can also change the color or font as well at this time, or change them later.


Now that you have your new key, you want to assign it a button action. Now this is the tricky bit.
 Click in the radial next to Keystrokes, then click the Special button. 


This will open the Keystroke Input screen. Click in the second box down (the white text box), and then press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and tap the P key. This keyboard combination is the keyboard shortcut for Print. Now you should see [alt]p in that text box.  


Click on OK and it will now be in the Keystrokes text box.  


Now click on the Insert Pause button. This should put a [pause_5] in the box directly next to the [alt]p 


Now click the Special button again, and again press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and tap the P key. 


click OK, and now you should see “[alt]p[pause_5][alt]p” in the Keystrokes Text Box. 


To complete and save the changes to your touch screen, click Save, and then click exit. 


You will now have the Print 2 Copies button on the tender screen of your Quick Sale screen. 

Steve Wind - April 6, 2016