Windward System5 is a 32bit application, so should your DSN Database. When you create a DSN “either via PCC or ODBC 32bit”, you should always choose a 32bit engine.

The 64bit engine will not work for with Windward System Five.

This article was written with Pervasive SQL version 12 in mind. This still pertains to Actian Zen PSQL 14 which was a rebrand by Actian Software. Note this rebrand has renamed the PCC to ZenCC.

Create a DSN Database via PCC

Search “PSQL Control Center & Documentation” from Windows Or you can simply RUN –> PCC and it will load the same

Once you have PCC loaded, expand the Computer Name. This is always the machine name of the server.

Right-click on “Databases”
Select “NEW” –> “Databases”

You will then have the screen below

  • Database Name: give this any name
  • Location: point to the _datafiles
  • Database Options: Long metadata (V2 metadata) needs to be enabled
  • DSN Options: enable “Create 32-bit Engine DSN”

Click FINISH button