The Invoice Report provides the ability to report on invoices by type, sub-type, department, category or sub-category, date range and customer. The are additional options and filters which are detailed in the specific tab descriptions.


If the data sets are departmentalized the window will show a Department column (in between Invoice Sub Types and the Categories) See Figure 2


Figure 2: The Invoice Report Window (With Departmentalized Data Sets)

The Toolbar

contains buttons the provide functions for the report. The Invoice Report -Toolbar is shown below.


The purpose and/or function of the buttons are detailed in the following table.


Purpose and/or Function


Click [View] to generate the report based on the selection made on the setting, option and filter type tabs.


Click [Print] to print or preview the contents of the report. There are two options for printing, as shown in Figure 2.

System500002418.gifFigure 2: Print options

The Invoices option will print any selected invoices.

The Invoices (with last signature capture) will print all invoices selected for printing in the report (can only select specific invoices in the Invoice Batch reprot), but only those with Signature Captures will print through Acrobat Reader.

Note: Invoices with a signature capture will print to the default printer through Acrobat; (that last signature capture will be printed if there is more than one)

The Export last Signature Capture to PDF only exports to pdf (the invoices will not be sent to the printer)

The Export all Invoices to PDF exports all invoices pdf (the invoices will not be sent to the printer)

The Report option will print the contents of the report grid.

Both Invoices (with last signature capture) and Export last Signature Capture to PDF will create a PDF file in the PDF directory as defined in setup wizard; the file is named "Invoice000001.pdf" (where 000001 is the invoice number)

[XML Export]

Click [XML Export] to launch Export XML (XML Central) window.

System500002419.gifThis will allow you to select the available Invoice export in XML Central. And then will export the multiple invoices.The [XML Export] will only be enabled when a report is already generated.


Click [Exit] to close the Invoice Report window.


Click [Help] System Five Help

Settings tab

Provides a number of options and filters to help you limit the information that appears on the report. 


The options and filters on the tab are detailed in the following table.

Option or Filter



Date Filters and Options

You can specify the date range you want to report on and whether the date range applies to the Invoice Date or the Invoice Creation Date. Select which of the two dates you want to filter on and then modify the Start and End dates as required

Report Options

The Report Options as shown in Figure 2:

System500002421.gifFigure 2: The Report Options

The Report Options are detailed below:

Profit Analysis

Check this option to include Profit in the Invoice Report.

Show Detail

Check this option to include a single line for each of the Invoices in the report.

Show Invoice Lines

This option is only available if the Show Detail option above is checked. Check this option to include the Invoice Lines in the details.

Credit Invoices Only

Check this option to include only Credit Invoices in the report.

(Tax 1) Exempt Invoices Only

Check this option to include only Invoice that were processed with Tax 1 exemption.

Show PO Number

Check this option to include the PO Number from the Invoice in the Report.

Hide Zero Total Invoices

Check this option to hide all invoices with a total amount of zero.

Use Small Font on Lines

This option gets highlighted when Show Invoice Lines is ticked.

Invoice  Print Status selection

Select one of the 3 options below:


All Invoices

This option includes all Invoices.



This option includes Invoices that have been printed.


Not Printed

This option includes Invoices that have not been printed.

Invoices To Examine


This option will report all invoices that are currently or
were that selected invoice type during the
System500002423.gif(e.g. You would like to have the report include invoices that
were Layaway invoice types as of their creation date.)

When it comes to layaway invoice types, the Invoice Report will display Layaway sales where the layaway date falls within the specified date
range (regardless if the Layaway has been converted to an







Advanced tab 

Provides a number of additional options and filters to further refine the invoices included in your report.


You can select Customer options and Salesman options on the Advanced tab. These options are in conjunction with any options or filters selected on the Settings tab.

The Customers belong to salespersons check box works in conjunction with the Salesman selection. If the check box is checked, then only invoices for customers that are assigned to the selected salesman are included in the report.



Only include invoices for customers in: Stat/Prov and Country

Filter the invoice results by the customer's state.

Only enabled when List Invoices of all Customers (or Lookup Words) is selected.

Customer Lookup Words tab 

Provides the ability to filter the invoices included or excluded in the report based on lookup words associated with the customer. The customer lookup words filters are only applied when the Select Customer - List Invoices for All Customers (or by lookup word) check box on the Advanced tab is checked. You can use the include (using the OR statement) and exclude (using the AND statement) choices in conjunction with each other to further refine the criteria used to generate your report. 


The additional options and features on the tab are detailed in Table 1.


Function and/or Purpose

Selection Criteria

  1. Must have all Lookup Words (AND)

    This criteria option instructs the report to include only those invoices that have all of the customer lookup words in the Attached Words list assigned to them.

    This is referred to as a logical AND selection criteria.
  1. Must have one or more Lookup Words (OR)

    This criteria option instructs the report to include only those Invoices that one or more of the customer lookup words in the Attached Words list assigned to them.

    This is referred to as a logical OR selection criteria.

These selection criteria apply to both the Include and Exclude sub-tabs.

Batches tab 

Shows you a list of the invoice batches that exist in the system. The listing is empty unless you are using the Batch Invoice Printing feature. 


View tab 

Is the preview of the report itself. The contents of the View tab is dependant on the settings, Advanced, Lookup Words and optionally the Batches tab selections. 


Like most of System Five's grids, you have the ability to export a grid to a CSV or Microsoft Excel file, or generate an XML representation of the cells in the grid. This is useful if you need to generate an export file in a specific format that is not easily attained by the other export types.