The Invoice Parking feature in System Five allows you to easily suspend a non-tendered invoice transaction via keyboard shortcut or menu option (Figure 1). Touch screen button actions are available in the Touch Screen Designer for Parking and Recall functions as well. (Figures 1a & 1b)

In addition to the location where they were initially parked, parked transactions can be recalled at another till and/or by another user with ease as needed.

Parking a Sale

When parked via the methods noted in (Figures 1) the invoice will be converted to the Estimate type and added to Invoice Parking Lot (Figure 2). A Parking slip form will also automatically be printed to the Windows Default printer. (For those with a slip printer capable of printing barcodes in text mode with System Five a barcode will be printed allowing a barcode scanner to be used in recalling a parked sale.)

If a customer has not already been assigned to the invoice being parked, System Five will assign a special Invoice Parking customer record to it. (This special customer can be renamed if desired; if accidentally deleted System Five will recreate it).

If an invoice is not in a state where it can be parked (i.e. it has a tender on it), System Five will inform the user why it cannot be parked.

Note: If changes to the parking slip layout are desired, it is stored in the 
System Five shared data folder under the file name PARKSLIP.DAT. It can be edited with a text editor (like Notepad) and does utilize the same fields as regular slip form designs. A backup should be made of the file before customizing it.

Recalling a Parked Sale 

Parked sales are placed into the Invoice Parking lot (Figure 2). When in an empty sale window the menu options / hot keys (Figures 1) can be used to open the Invoice Parking lot and select a sale to recall. The invoice is removed from the Parking Lot, reopened and its original invoice type changed back.

The Invoice Parking lot is accessible via the System Five navigator (Figure 3) and the Un-park button there can be used to recall an invoice as well.

If the slip printer was capable of printing invoice barcodes in text mode, a barcode scanner can be used to recall a parked sale as well.

Note: Estimates in the Invoice Parking Lot are still visible from the Edit Sale window. Opening them from there will remove them from the Parking Lot and revert them back to their original invoice types as well.


Figure 1: The Park Invoice menu options / Shortcut keys


Figure 1a: The Park Invoice Touch Screen design action

Figure 1b: The Recall Parked Invoice Touch Screen design action

Figure 2: The Invoice Parking Lot

Figure 3: The Invoice Parking Lot Navigator menu