To ensure all terminals are running the same System Five version, all your workstations should be Synchronized with the file server. This is done from within System Five. If you see Synchronize with File Server in the drop down, then synchronization has not been setup and must be configured before you begin the upgrade.

If the Synchronization hasn’t been configured, this will be the next screen you see. While this screen is showing the correct Drive ( W: ), it is showing the wrong Directory on the W drive.  It shouldn’t be pointing to the Data folder.

In most circumstances, the Windward folder on the network drive of the server will be mapped as the W: drive. You will want to select that drive on the Drives drop down.

The folder that you want to select in the directories window will be W:\System5\bin. Highlight that folder and then click the OK button.

You should now be looking at the “Synchronize Program with File Server” window. It may take a minute to compare the files between the bin folder on the server and the bin folder on the workstation, but once it completes it should come back and say “All files are up to date” if all the files match between the two folders. At this point, no synchronization is required and you can click exit to save your changes and return to System Five.

If there are different versions of files or missing files when the synchronization check is run, you will see a similar screen saying that there are files that are out of date and synchronization is recommended. Click the Synchronize button to continue.

This will close the Synchronization window and System Five, and start an external version of the Synchronization utility.

It will run automatically and copy the required files from the server’s bin folder to the workstation’s bin folder. When that is complete you will get a popup saying that all files are up to date. Click on the OK button to close that window.

The Synchronization window will close and System Five will restart.
Log back into System Five and click on the Utilities drop down. It will now show “Synchronize with File Server (Up to Date)”.