Go to Inventory and Purchases> Data Load > Part Load> Import the csv file then click Next. But after clicking next, we got this error message below.


Regardless of any option selected, the part load window is out of whack.


And the reason for that is because there's line break on description column. 


How to remove the line break on csv file?


1. Open the csv file and highlight Description column then click Wrap text.


2. Then, the line break on description column will show.


3. Highlight description column and go to find & select then click replace.


4. On find what field, press ctrl + j from the keyboard.


5. Then go to replace with field and click the replace all button after.


6. After clicking replace all, you should get this prompt below.


7. Once done, highlight the description column again and click wrap text to unwrap it.


8. After unwrapping text, the csv file should look like this.


9. Save the csv file and do the data load again. This time, no more error showing when importing csv file on data load.