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To Clear any residual information on the unit, it will need to be Cold Booted. To do this, perform the following Key Sequence:
Hold the CMD Key, Left Arrow, and Power On buttons Simultaneously. Then choose the menu option to Cold Boot the device


Download the Setup Application from the following Link:

Save the file to a location that you can find.

Run the SetupUnitech630.exe installer

Accept all default settings

Ensure that the PT630 or HT630 unit is in the cradle and the power is on.

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following directory
For the HT 630

  • C:\JGPLUS5\HT-630\Normal

For the PT 630

  • C:\JGPLUS5\PT-630\normal

Run “Program.Bat” to program the unit.

 This program assumes that the unit is installed on COM1.   If the datacollector is in a different directory than COM1,  please edit the program.bat file and change the comport  parameter to match the COM port used by the data collector.

Open System Five and go to Setup Wizard > Point of Sale Devices > Data Collector > File Import Settings.

Click [Default Settings] and select “Default Unitech PT630” to have System Five populate the required fields.

The PT630 is now ready to be used for data collection.

To view documents on how to use this with System Five, please see the help file under “data collectors”

Note: The above implementation uses Unitech's new communication program ptcomm.exe
Older versions used ptcomm3.exe which will no longer run if you install the version above. Simply change ptcomm3.exe in the setupwizard parameters to ptcomm.exe. 


It needs a Warm Reset. To do this, perform the following Key Sequence: ► Hold the CMD Key, Left Arrow, and Power On buttons Simultaneously. ► Then choose the menu option to Warm Boot the device

Alternate Sale Menu

To implement this method you may need help from Windward Software in order to tailor the import for your installation.
If you wish to use the HT 630 or PT 630 to input the customer name and technician follow the above instructions, except you need to run “Program.bat” from the sale directory Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following directory
For the HT 630

  • C:\JGPLUS5\HT-630\Sale

For the PT 630

  • C:\JGPLUS5\PT-630\Sale

Then download and install Sys5Script from our FTP site,

PT-630d Instructions


Exact model number: PT630d-0C00B

In a case with a newer PT-630d special steps need to be taken to rebuild the files.
We had to recompile the files for this version of the PT-630

We downloaded “JobGen Plus 5” from the following location:

You cannot recompile the files without downloading this application.

Then we connected the device to the computer,
Opened the following file:

you may need to run the following program first and open the file:

Then we clicked on:
The “Build” menu then,
“Make Job”
That re-compiles the autoexec.jpg file and uploads it to the device as well.

After that, the device worked. 

Troubleshooting the PT630d Install


Optional Instructions

Leaving The Batch On The PT/HT 630 after upload

There may be times or specific circumstances where you may want to set the Upload program for the PT630 or HT630 so that it will not delete the batch from the device during an upload.

This can simply be done by editing the upload.dat file in notepad. The file is found in the C:\JGPLUS5 directory.

The upload.dat file contains the following lines:

ECHO: Downloading to System Five DIRECTION: Upload FASTSPEED: yes FILE: A::\data.txt <> c:\JGPLUS5\DATA.TXT DELETE: data.txt

If you want to have the data remain on the device so that you can manually delete it later, you need to remove the last line: DELETE: data.txt

Take care that you do not delete any other lines, or the device will not work correctly in System Five. With this line deleted the only way to remove the batch from the PT/HT 630 is to clear it on the device itself. This is done from its main menu. 


The Job Gen software has a communications manager that allows you to test the connection to the devices outside System Five. If you have a USB device (PT630, and HT630), you can't connect using the USB option in the communications manager and must find the COM port added when you plug in the device. See the device manager in the control panel for a list of COM ports on the PC. See the information below for more details/history.

Information from Unitech technician: Unitech PT630 and HT630 models have USB configurations. These emulate COM ports and do not run natively in USB mode like some other devices. They will not connect to the communications manager in USB mode but can connect through COM ports created when pluggin the device into your PC via the USB port.