A new server in your business requires duplicating everything from your current server to your new one.  This is a paid professional service.

Professional services will work with a member of your team to transfer and reconfigure all products and services that are related to System Five.  Before transferring any files, an assessment of System Five and Pervasive for the version will be completed and any necessary updates will be performed. The actual migration to move all System Five files will be scheduled and performed from start to finish to reduce the impact on your business as System Five will not be accessible during this work. The System Five application and all of your System Five data will be transferred to the new server. 

Subsequent activities will include any payment processing applications (NetEpay) and any supporting System Five applications will be transferred and configured (Windward Connect, WEAR, and Web API). Additional work will include mapping your existing terminals to the new server. This can be completed by our technical team, or we can show a member of your team how to perform this task and you can complete the mapping. 

Note: The cost of this service will depend on the work effort involved and will be quoted based on an initial assessment.

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