This step also applies if you have added a new terminal or have purchased a user increase

Either you are adding a new terminal or simply want to rename the terminals, you can follow the steps below.


  1. sign out of System5
  2. Launch it again
  3. Take note of the Data path, you will need it later on


4. While still on the logon screen, click on INSTALL button right to the data path.

5. Click on "Link to existing data" button

6. Now, remember the "Data Path" mentioned above? Expand the folders on the right-hand side box and find the "Data" folder. Double-click on the Data folder from the box on the Lef. The box on the right should automatically detect this and once it's there, click on NEXT button up top.

7. Click NEXT again

8. Now select the terminal you want to rename. For the new terminal, the newly added terminal should appear at the bottom with the name AVAILABLE "select this if you are adding a new user". Click NEXT up top.

9. Now you can give it a new name. Location Name may be renamed or deleted.

10. Click NEXT then FINISH to complete. You should see that new terminal or terminal name change.