You can collect and import / export inventory counts using the Sidekick "Data Collection" menu feature.  Click here to watch an overview of the Data Collection feature.


  • Give your New Data Collection a name.
  • Once you have completed your scanning, you can click the "Submit Data Collected" button.


The Import/Export menu option to see the submitted data collections in the list.

  • A Data Collection can be manually deleted once it is no longer required.
  • Import functionality is only available when run from within a supporting version of System 5.
  • Export functionality allows a preview of the Data collection and can export in several file formats.  Printing this preview is also available.

Import / Export Features

  • Click on a row to expand and see the scan line detail.
  • Import - Request that System 5 imports the selected data collection (where available)
  • Export - Opens the Export page in a new window for the selected Data Collection.
  • Delete - Deletes the selected data collection (cannot be undone)


  • CSV Export Format - Controls the downloaded export file format - This should be configured to match the System 5 Setup Wizard setting.