Windward System Five Sidekick marketing information can be found at https://info.windwardsoftware.com/sidekick.  It lets you build orders, search for parts, prices, and more.

How to access Sidekick

You can launch Sidekick on your device or in a browser.  Sign in using the Microsoft Login credentials that typically end in @windwardoncloud.com.  This would be the same as your Windward Academy credentials.

  1. In a browser navigate to https://sidekick.windwardsoftware.com/
  2. In the top right click on "Not signed in".
  3. Use the same credentials that you would use for the Windward Learning Academy

How to access Sidekick Video Learning

Sidekick video training content is available in the Windward Learning Academy.
  1. In a browser navigate to https://academy.windwardoncloud.com/
  2. In the top right click on "Login" 
  3. Enter your @windwardoncloud.com credentials
  4. If you do not see the E-Learning Plan: Sidekick in your learning plans
  5. Click on the "Search" button and search by tag "Sidekick"