/loginfile= Shortcut Argument

Often with Polling or WEAR the end-users wish to have the polling app automatically log in so that it can be set to automatically run on Windows Startup without any user intervention. This can be done by creating a login file from within S5Poll.exe and then adding the /loginfile= command-line argument to the shortcut.

The auto-login feature creates a special file that can be used to automatically authenticate with the application. If you specify an auto-login file on the command line of your shortcut, the login window will automatically be skipped during startup. Consult product documentation for information on the command line parameter.

System Five Shortcut Arguments

The Process

Start S5poll.exe, and log in to it.

S5Poll will run minimized, so you will need to click on its icon in the taskbar on the right-hand side of your screen.

This will bring you to S5Poll's main screen. Click on the Utilities button.

In the window that pops up, click on Configure auto-login

In this window, you will need to enter a VALID user name and password that currently exists in System Five. If you do not enter a valid user name it will change the username field yellow. You must also enter the correct password, or it will not allow you to continue to the next screen.

Browse to an appropriate folder. I usually save this file to the windward folder, but you could save it to your data folder as well. Saving it to the data folder would ensure that it is backed up by your daily backup process. Give it an appropriate name. This can be any name that you want. It doesn't have to be Login, as per my example. I have seen customers use DO_NOT_DELETE.alf as the filename, and that is absolutely fine. Click the Save button.

Open the shortcut on your desktop for S5Poll.exe In the target field, you will need to add /loginfile= and the path to your loginfile. As per my example, I saved my file named login.alf to C:\Windward\System5\. So my target line will read C:\Windward\SYSTEM5\Bin\S5POLL.EXE /loginfile=C:\Windward\SYSTEM5\login.alf

Created By Steve Wind January 29, 2019