A toolbox routine has been created to re-convert invoices and department transfers created within a specified date and time. This will write missing stock transaction routines that were missed due to a defect introduced in V7.0.0.70-

Once your System has been updated there will be a few steps you will need to follow in order to correct your inventory quantities. This is a two-step process involving the Toolbox Routine and the Inventory Integrity Check.

Step 1:

  • ensure a backup has been completed
  • open toolbox routine -> inventory routines -> stock control routines -> "Correct V7 -76 stock control issues"
  • select the date range of invoices or department transfer affected (the date the first invoice was affected to the last date"
  • once the date range is determined, click "repair"
  • this will output a list of invoices and transfer the routine affects

Step 2:

Once the routine is completed, the Inventory Integrity Report needs to be run

General Ledger -> Integrity checks -> Inventory Integrity

De-select "Check All" and set the Book Month to the affected period

In the right-hand menu, select "Fix Inventory Stock Quantities

Once these steps are complete, review inventory to ensure results. If there are any issues or questions, please contact support for further assistance.