Use the following PowerShell to monitor the connectivity between a local workstation and System Five on Cloud. 

Connectivity, in this case, means Internet Connection

During my testing running this script, I was logged on to our End-to-End Test cloud environment. Then I intentionally disconnected or Closed the window and didn't get a "Connection Failed" result.


  • You can run this script with or without logging into the cloud environment.
  • Whether you run PowerShell as an admin or not, the script should run just fine

1. Go to the Windows Start menu and search for "PowerShell"

2. Open Windows PowerShell (Administrator is not required)

3. Copy the code below

do { $result = Test-NetConnection -Port 443; if ($result.TcpTestSucceeded) { Write-Host "$(Get-Date): Connection succeeded : Interface: $($result.InterfaceAlias); Source IP: $($result.SourceAddress.IPAddress); Remote IP: $($result.RemoteAddress)" -ForegroundColor Green } else { Write-Host "$(Get-Date): Connection failed : Interface: $($result.InterfaceAlias); Source IP: $($result.SourceAddress.IPAddress); Remote IP: $($result.RemoteAddress)" -ForegroundColor Red } Start-Sleep -Seconds 1} while ($true)

3. Paste into the PowerShell window using a right click and hit enter to start testing. 

4. The script output should look like the screenshot below.

The results include the following:

DateTimeConnection ResultsNetwork InterfaceSource/Local IPRemote/Cloud IP
DD/MM/YYYYHH:MM:SSSucceed or FailedEthernet or Wifiworkstation IPS5oC IP

You can run this script in the background while users use their computers.  If a "Connection failed" occurs capture the output and paste into the ticket so we have date/time and which endpoint were involved if a CloudOps investigation is required.

Note that if the customer's interface is Interface: Wi-Fi they should connect their computer using a wired ethernet connection.  Wi-Fi connections can break when other devices roam onto the network and cause random disconnections.

What a connection failed will look like

If a network or wifi connection drops or fails.  You should see a "connection failed" during a network event.