Maximum Number of Printers Allowed in Cloud.

Problem Description:

Users that have a large number of printers setup in their Windows workstation are noticing that some printers are not being forwarded to the RDP or Cloud environments. The ones that are dropped seem to be random.


Microsoft has set a limit of 20 redirected printers in Remote Desktop and Cloud environments.

*** This is a limit set by Microsoft, not Windward Software ***

Forwarding of more than 20 printers will cause some printers to not be available in the RDP or Cloud environment.

You may get more than 20 printers to populate, but not consistently.

We verified this issue with Microsoft Customer Service & Support and their response was that "Max number of redirect printers is 20 printers by default... With this information and confirmation , I believe you should proceed with recommended settings under supported limit in your environment to Avoid this Issue. Please use this mail for educating same within your organization \client."

I also came across a related Microsoft forum discussion where a user posed the question:

"We have some users with more than 20+ local printers (for special reasons). It is possible to redirect only specific local printers to the Remote Desktop Session?

Is it possible to blacklist some printers by Group Policy or whitelist the local printers we want to redirect? Or edit something in the registry (with a startup-batch or something ...) to do this?"

Microsoft's response was that there are only two options with printer redirection, all printers are forwarded or only the default printer is forwarded.

So again this falls back to the 20 printer limit.

Steve Wind Sept 1 2022