There are times when synching the standalone data to the main dataset not all invoices are imported could be due to some network connection issues that disrupts the process when synching. This is where the Process Files Utility is useful but use it with caution.

Process Files
The [Process Files] tab allows you to process the changes contained in the data files in your export directory. Normally, the Standalone manager cleans this directory after finishing an export. If the process is aborted, however, export files will be left behind. The Standalone manager will not allow you to synchronize any additional changes while there are data files that need processing.

NOTE 1: When you click the [Process Existing Files] button on the Process Files tab, this is only giving the Standalone manager permission to process these files the next time that it runs. You need to return to the Standalone manager's main window and click the [Update Main] button in order to actually synchronize to the main dataset.

You must have supervisor privileges to process existing files.

Before we dive in to the steps on how to do this first you need to have everyone log off system five. Create a backup copy of their live data and standalone data. 

  • Navigate to where the standalone data is located then look for the export folder then go to previous folder. Here you will see all the archive zip files that was process by the standalone manager after synching.
    Preserve Exports
    The Standalone manager maintains an archive of recent exports from your standalone dataset to the main dataset. This is a safeguard against losing your data in the event that something goes wrong while processing your changes. The tab allows you to specify the number of archived exports to maintain. If you set the value to 0, all exports are kept.
  • Copy the zip file that corresponds with the date when they did the synching of the standalone dataset and paste it in the export folder
  • Before running the utility you need to have the customer delete all the invoices that was move from the standalone data to the main data as it will create a duplicate invoice
  • Once done log in to the standalone monitor then select Options and Settings
  • Then go to the Process Files tab click on Process and then click ok.
  • It brings you back to the main standalone monitor screen now click Update Main when done click Update Standalone
  • This will process the zip file that we put inside the export folder when completed have the customer check the main dataset and see if all the invoices are there.