• You will need to logon as a user with administrative rights to SytemFive. Because this setting is inside the Setup Wizard. 

  • Also this will need to be done per user.


Go to Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Network Settings

There are 2 types of connection as highlighted above, you want to enable "Pervasive.SQL Databases" instead of the other. So, you want to double-check first if Pervasive.SQL DSN-Less Connection is not enabled.

Select "Pervasive.SQL DSN-Less Connection" and ensure that the setting highlighted below is unchecked.

Now, Select "Pervasive.SQL Databases"

  • Enable "System Five DSN (Data Source name)" but putting the check on it
  • Leave Pervasive Server Name as "localhost"
  • from the drop-down menu, select "s5live".
    • s5training is for the training dataset
    • s5live is for the live dataset
  • Sign out and back in to SystemFive.
  • You're done.

see image.