System Five On Cloud Disconnects Several Times Per Day. Solution1.


Check the Windows Error Logs and look for the following Error: 



The disconnects are occurring because the updater within the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client is not able to automatically update to a newer version of the App. This is because. "You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this installation for all users of this machine ..." 
 If you continue to scroll down through the error logs you will see that these errors are occurring at precise intervals every day. In the computers I worked on, the error happened every day at 8:40 AM, 12:40 PM and 4:40 PM.

It is always the same grouping of messages around the error and the same error each time.


If you open the Remote Desktop Client app, you can see that an update is available from the green dot at the top right side of the screen.

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If you place your mouse pointer on the green dot you will see the message that an update is available.


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Click on the update button and the update will install normally.

Verify that it went through without any errors by checking the Windows Event Log.

Programs And Features is also showing that it is now on the most current update.


If the update fails refer to solution article

System Five On Cloud Disconnects Several Times Per Day. Solution 2.



Created by Steve Wind August 30 2021