System Five On Cloud Disconnection Issues

This article also applies to local and RDP network configurations.

Problem Description

In many instances we see the same network related issues with our System Five On Cloud clients as we do with internet and RDP clients. Mainly Disconnection issues. 

One thing to be aware of on the System Five on Cloud infrastructure is that if the connection is left idle for 2 hours, the connection will be disconnected. After an additional 15 minutes, the user will be signed out. 

Detailed Problem Solution

The following should be done on each of the client's workstations. 

1. Disable NIC Power Save features.


  •  Open Control Panel
  •  Click on System
  •  On the left side of the screen, click on Device Manager
  •  Expand Network Adapters
  •  right click on the Ethernet network card. In most cases “Ethernet” will be in the name of the card.
  •  Click on Properties
  •  Click on the Power Management tab
  •  Uncheck all checkboxes on this page. The top-most box is the most important (Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power). The other boxed will grey out when you uncheck the top box, and in some cases the underlying boxes may re-check. This is OK. They are greyed out which means they aren't valid once the top check box is unchecked.
  •  Click the OK button
  •  Close Device Manager and close the System Window.

We have also come across some Intel cards who's Power Options are not as simple to figure out. 


In this case you should only have to uncheck Energy Efficient Ethernet. 

In the case of the Realtek PCIe network cards, you may need to deactivate (unselect) power management on two devices. The Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller, and the Realtek RTL8822CE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter. 

2. Windows Power Options set to High Performance


  •  Open Control Panel
  •  Click on Power Options
  •  Set to High performance, If you don't see that option there is a little circle with a down arrow in it that when clicked on will give you additional power plans. Click on it, find the High performance plan and click in the radial next to it.
  •   Click on change plan settings on the right side of the screen.
  •  From the dropdown next to “Put Computer to Sleep” select Never.
  •  Click “Change advanced power settings”
  • If not already open, Expand “Hard Disk”
  • Expand “Turn off hard disk after”
  • In the drop down next to “Setting(Minutes)” Set to “0” or “Never”
  • Click OK button
  •  If “Save Changes” button is greyed out, that is normal. Click Cancel Button. The settings will still be saved.

3. Recommend a wired connection instead of wireless

The above settings should be done on each workstation or laptop even if the client site is using wireless connectivity. It will still help in providing a more stable network environment. 

Steve Wind May 2 /2019
Updated by Steve Wind July 17 /2021