Upgrading or Updating WEAR

Must Do

First thing to ensure before updating or upgrading WEAR is to synchronize WEAR dataset transactions to MAIN dataset. This can be done by performing the update in S5Poll on the WEAR Remote computer(s) and on the MAIN computer, then check to verify that transactions have replicated. Once this is completed, performing the upgrade or update to both systems can take place.

Difference between Upgrade and Update

Ultimately, an Upgrade or Update are essentially the same thing, but for clarity and the purposes of this document:

 - An upgrade is where the application version has changed from 1 major release to another. An example of this is when the version number has changed from to This upgrade requires System Five to perform a data conversion.
- An update is only applying a patch to the same version. An example of this is when the version number has changed from to or another example, from to These would not require a data conversion.

Updating WEAR

In an update scenario, you should run a couple update cycles before you update the version. That way there won't be any outstanding invoices or data sitting on the FTP. Any data or batches that are there will be empty batches. Once that is done, you can update the version using the FTP Updater within System Five in both the Main and Remote datasets. Usually the Main dataset would be updated first, then the remotes. Never attempt to synchronize transactions between two different versions of System Five.

Click Here for System Five Update Tutorial

Note: After completing the update, when logging back in to both systems there should be no prompt for data conversion. Update is now complete. WEAR system can be used and can perform synchronization to MAIN system again.

Upgrading WEAR

Upgrading WEAR from 1 major version to another will require a different method. As stated above this will require a data conversion. After upgrading the application version on the MAIN system, it is followed by data conversion. Once this process is completed, the WEAR dataset must be recreated from the newly upgraded Main dataset.

Click here for WEAR dataset recreation tutorial 

After creating the remote WEAR datasets from S5poll in the man computer, it needs to be copied to WEAR computer. Rename the old WEAR dataset in case it is needed as a reference later. Copy the new WEAR dataset to the remote computer. You will also need to download the installer for the new version, or copy the bin folder from the Main computer and paste it into the bin folder on the remote computer. The new WEAR Remote must have the same version as the MAIN computer. 

Note: If its not possible to install the new version package on WEAR computer, following the steps for the System Five Update Tutorial will work, provided you don't log in to the WEAR Remote until its dataset is recreated from the Main and the old WEAR dataset is replaced on WEAR computer. After making sure that both systems are running on the same major version, the synchronization process can take place again.  

Updated by Steve Wind January 3 2019