In System Five on Cloud Environment

Issue: "There is no default printer currently selected" error shows when trying to print an invoice in SystemFive.

Solution Steps:

  1. Sign out of SystemFIve. 
  2. To choose a default printer, type and choose ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar.
  3. Go to Hardware > View device and printers


        4. Right Click on either Microsoft Print to pdf or Microsoft XPS Document Writer and choose ‘Select Default Printer’.  Setting the default printer to a printer that has "redirected" in the name will NOT set the settings correctly for System Five to recognize.  Ensure you choose Microsoft Print to pdf or Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer.


        5.Once done the green checkmark on selected printer should indicate success. 

        6. Sign back in to SystemFIve. You should now be able to print without seeing the error.